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虚実の壁 / The Wall Between Truth and Fake

December 8th, 2323.Robots suffering from poverty, collectively known as “Yellow,” of the Unified Asian Block* cut out the morning edition of the most subscribed newspaper, the Human-Machine Unity Newspaper. After cutting it, they attempted to relearn their own physicality in confronting information by reconstructing the contents of the newspaper using the clippings, a radio, a spotlight, and the wall.

The content of the articles illuminated by the spotlight on the wall was completely synchronized with the radio broadcasts, and as the news changed, the spotlight continued to illuminate the articles with inorganic movement.

The Yellows experience a loss of agency in their visual and auditory senses akin to humans through radios and spotlights. They also experience the reintegration of the overwhelming amount of information in the world through the act of affixing newspaper clippings to the walls. This series of experiences allowed their minds to relearn. This act, a subtle resistance to the truth and lies of information in the world, would lead to a radical art movement initiated by the Yellows.

*After the world’s sea level rose about 300 meters, submerging many urban areas, the archipelago that became East Asia was integrated as a new state called the Unified Asian Block.










Location SivaStudio

Photo aachasp

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